People First Personnel

Ioana Crisan


Hello ? I would like to start with a big thank you to Joe Pinfold who has managed to win my trust from day 1, why ? Well because I hate when people try to advise what is the best for you without asking. Joe has listened to my preferences, my family commitments, my future progression desire and has acted accordingly. I wasn’t actively looking, but Joe has managed to find me a job as Lettings manager for a company with the same work flow and work ethic as the one for which I was working, but even better, a higher position, 5 minutes from home and a company which really cares about life balance. Couldn’t thank you enough ! Life goes fast, don’t think that recruiters want from you just a deal ! Speak with Joe and let him know your needs and he will be always there for you and never give up to your dreams even if you do for a second ! Thank you Joe for everything!

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