People First Personnel

Joyce Hoyte


Very impressed with Toby, Thank you!!… I am so happy to provide this statement of recommendation for Toby as a recruitment consultant. I left my job to seek a new career in Property Management. Having applied to many roles including contacting other recruitment agencies, I was getting nowhere. I was losing hope because I started to believe that I did not have the required experience to be taken on. Then by miracle, Toby contacted me wanting to help me to find what I wanted. Even though I was worried that I did not have enough experience, Toby was confident that he will find me a role. I must admit I was sceptical. However, the next day Toby contacted me with two job interviews with successful property management companies!! WOW, he restored my faith!!! I successfully received a job offer with one of the company’s and I look forward to developing a long-term career with them. Throughout the recruitment process, Toby has been very friendly and efficient. Always kept constant contact with me and, he saw my potential. He is an expert in his field. The advice he gives along the process is so spot on. I really appreciate the support Toby gave me. I would recommend Toby as I honestly believe he will help other candidates find their dreams jobs.

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