Client Interview Advice

It is a candidate-driven market and all companies are competing for the top talent within their industry and location.

Candidates with direct, relevant experience and skillset are likely to have been contacted regarding multiple job opportunities, will be interviewing with a number of different companies and will likely receive multiple job offers. In addition, they will likely be counter offered by their current employer.

Now more than ever, the candidate experience matters. The recruitment journey that a candidate experiences with your company will likely have a significant impact on their decision whether or not to accept an offer of employment with you. Even if they are not the right candidate for this role with you, they are likely to share their experiences (good and bad!) with their colleagues, friends and family which could potentially have an impact on your employer branding.

What can you do to improve the candidate experience?

  • Speed up the interview process. If the recruitment process extends out to weeks or months, applicants will drop out of the process and accept offers with other companies or counter offers with their current employers.
  • Avoid a lack of urgency – ensure that due time, consideration and effort is given to the process. Be ready to hire with a sense of urgency.
  • Always provide timely feedback to candidates following interviews, even if the feedback is not positive. The candidate has taken the time out of their day and possibly even taken a day or a half-a-day off work so the least that they would expect in return is to hear something following the interview.
  • Work to provide open and frequent communication throughout the entire recruitment process.
  • Be careful when cancelling or rescheduling interviews both with notice and last-minute and only do so if absolutely necessary.
  • Always be professional and treat everyone involved in the hiring process with respect.
  • Sell your culture, brand and reputation to all candidates throughout the recruitment process.
  • Conduct regular salary benchmarking surveys and ensure that the salary and benefits offered for each role is competitive and in-line with market rates or above.

Different types of interviews:

There is no right or wrong way to conduct an interview and there are many different types of interviews with pros and cons for each.


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