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Finding and Attracting Passive Candidates


The best recruitment agencies won’t just rely on a pool of active job seekers but will also have a network of passive candidates they can call upon. These individuals are already gainfully employed and not actively seeking new opportunities, but they are often highly skilled and thus a prime target for recruiters looking to fill specialised roles.

There are also many other passive candidates whose openness to a new and exciting role isn’t known to anybody but themselves. Engaging with this type of passive candidate is a more complex operation than putting the feelers out to known passive talent, and much more so than appealing to active job hunters.

Finding and attracting passive candidates with the ideal skills for the role you need to fill requires a strategic approach that goes beyond traditional recruitment methods. Here we detail the best practices for both finding and attracting those hidden gems that can take your company to the next level.

Understand Passive Candidates

It sounds obvious and it is, but understanding motivation is also a crucial aspect for attracting passive talent. These individuals are professionals who are currently employed and not actively looking for a job but might just be open to new opportunities if the right one comes along.

In reality, they represent a significant portion of the workforce and often possess the type of experience and expertise that employers highly value. Understanding what motivates these individuals is necessary to stand a chance of attracting them, which means understanding how career growth, challenging projects, and a better work-life balance may influence their decisions. For some, a particular company culture may be more attractive than any financial incentive on its own.

Build a Strong Employer Brand

One of the most effective ways to attract passive candidates is by building a strong employer brand. Your brand should convey the values, culture, and mission of your company in a way that resonates with the very top talent. Regularly share your success stories and employee testimonials, as well as any insights into your company culture across your social media, blogs, and industry events.

While also a good idea for attracting active job seekers, a compelling employer brand will make your company more attractive to passive candidates who may occasionally have a casual nose through the job market.

Social Media and Professional Networks

Building on the last point about sharing success stories and testimonials, your social media platforms can be powerful tools for reaching passive candidates, especially professionally focused platforms like LinkedIn.

Post industry insights regularly, as well as any company achievements and employee stories that might capture the attention of passive candidates. Also, try joining and participating in professional groups and forums where your target candidates may be active. This not only positions your company as a thought leader in the industry but also helps build relationships with potential candidates over time.

Employee Referrals and Personalised Outreach

Employee referral programs can be particularly effective for discovering and engaging with passive candidates, with such referrals from trusted sources often leading to high-quality hires. Your current employees can be your best advocates, so encourage and incentivise them to tap into their own personal networks.

Personalisation is also important when approaching passive candidates, so avoid generic messages which are unlikely to capture their interest. Instead, tailor your message to highlight how their skills and experiences align with the specific needs of your company, which at least demonstrates that you have taken the time to understand their background and career aspirations.

Make sure to highlight any unique aspects of the role being offered, such as opportunities for growth and innovative projects, as well as your company culture.

Networking and Industry Events

Attending industry events, conferences and seminars is a great opportunity to connect with passive candidates in a more informal setting. Such events allow you to build relationships and showcase your company’s unique selling points, as well as engage with talent – and potential candidates – who are passionate about their field.

This kind of face-to-face interaction can be much more impactful than digital communication, and it can help you establish a personal connection with the very people who can elevate your company to the next level.

Offer Career Development Opportunities

Top talent often seeks out opportunities for continuous learning and professional development, so make sure your company offers the likes of training programs and mentorship opportunities. Map out a clear path for career progression and emphasise this opportunity in your outreach efforts to demonstrate your commitment to employee growth and development.

By following all this guidance, you will not only connect with more potential talent, but also make your company much more attractive to passive candidates.

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